Hunter & collector of the special

The enthusiasm to track down curiosities with the past and to protect them from decay has been with me since my youth. On my forays through Europe, I often find unique pieces that are worth finding a new home. I then made it my task to integrate these into modern living concepts. With this idea of ​​sustainability, I would like to encourage people to appreciate my finds with history and thus to make their world more livable and personal.


Sports culture

Sports equipment with a patina tells of the magic of previous successes, is reminiscent of physical training and the beginnings of popular sports. Various equipment and trophies impressively reflect the game and movement cultures of foreign countries and people. You can see that they have been played on and must have had some victories and defeats.

Travel culture

Suitcases, hat boxes, doctor's bags and travel chests tell stories of large luxurious but also difficult journeys. With their signs of wear and the different materials, my individual pieces show the high quality and attention to detail they were made with. The attraction of this elaborate "travel culture" moved me to find my name.



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